Tenalca SA was developed as a low-foaming, high-performance cold degreasing agent. It is an alkaline cleaning and degreasing product that contains solvent and can be mixed with water as desired. Tenalca SA is therefore offered as a homogeneous multi-phase cleaner that reliably cleans metal surfaces of all types without attacking them. Tenalca SA is a very suitable product for the removal of troublesome dirt deposits on floors, for degreasing painted surfaces or for the pretreatment of vehicle bodywork prior to wet sanding and repainting. In applications such as these, Tenalca SA produces its full effect even at room temperature, and its special antifoaming properties extend its range of use to spray-cleaning machines and equipment for cleaning buildings.

Tenalca SA is sold as a strong concentrate that can be diluted with water in proportions as low as 1:100, depending on the level of contamination.

Areas of application

Cold degreasing and cleaning agent containing solvent for all metal surfaces.
Cleaning of buildings
Spray-cleaning machines
Cleaning of machinery, e.g. engines and motors.


Manual cleaning, cleaning machines (spray process) and immersion baths.
Depending on contamination and application: diluted with water in the range from 1:1 to 1:100.

Safety data sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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