Cuproten SA was specifically developed for cleaning and desmutting copper and brass alloys. Used in immersion baths, Cuproten SA ensures intensive cleaning of the metal surface, but is very gentle on the metal at the same time. Following application, Cuproten SA also ensures optimal protection against tarnishing. When developing this product, we deliberately avoided the use of nitric acid as it pollutes the environment.

Cuproten SA is a low-foaming product, making it an excellent choice for cold cleaning and gentle deoxidation of non-ferrous metals. When used in an immersion bath, Cuproten SA only takes a few minutes to reliably remove verdigris, deposits and even the most stubborn dirt residues.
Cuproten SA is a concentrate that can be mixed as desired with water; it is very economical, so even a 1:4 dilution will produce a powerful cleaning effect.

The brightening effect can be improved even further by adding a few percent of Aktivator to the dilution.

Areas of application

Pickling and cleaning agent for non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze*).
Removal of oxide layers

*Removes patina from the object, depending on the exposure time and concentration. For this reason, it is only suitable to a limited extent for workpieces on which a patina is wanted.


In immersion baths, in dilutions of 1:1 to 1:4 with water.
For manual application (with a brush): use a 1:5 dilution with water.

When using at the same time as Aktivator:
add 5-10% of Aktivator in relation to the content of Cuproten SA in the bath. The Aktivator decomposes over time, so a further 1-2% should be added before using the bath.

Safety data sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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