The essential factor in electroplating is the uniform application of electrolytically deposited metal coatings on the workpiece. To ensure this, the surface must be absolutely free of grease, dirt and metal oxides. CIS Puretec has developed an extensive portfolio of products that meet the demanding requirements in the electroplating sector.

We have developed Cuproten and Cuproten SA for non-ferrous metal surfaces (copper, brass, bronze). They provide intensive surface cleaning and reliable desmutting with minimum removal of metal.

Our tried-and-tested Tenalumin 7 is used to treat aluminium surfaces. This acid degreasing and pickling agent ensures reliable cleaning and uniform roughening of the surface, providing an ideal substrate for subsequent galvanisation.

You can rely on Fertenol or Fertenol MZ/H to remove rust, scale layers or metallic dust from iron and steel components. The benefit: our products prevent hydrogen embrittlement, thereby extending the service lifetimes of metal parts. Fertenol MZ/H contains no phosphoric acid and is especially suitable for subsequent nickel or chrome plating of workpieces.


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