Polymer TN 55 is a C8 fatty alcohol (8 mole EO) alkyl glyceryl ether. Even when added to existing cleaning agents in low concentrations, it has high wetting, spreading and penetration capability.

TN 55 is compatible with anionogenic, cationogenic, and other non-ionogenic tensides. It has high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and salts, and is compatible with numerous organic solvents and other process materials.

When used in the formulation of a cleaning agent, even small concentrations of this polymer increase the degreasing and cleaning performance of existing products. This can significantly reduce the quantity of tenside required, thereby cutting production costs and protecting the environment at the same time.

Thanks to these special properties, TN 55 is an ideal component in numerous cleaning products.

Areas of application

Manufacture/component of detergents, flushing/rinsing agents, wetting agents and cleaning products.


Can be used in concentrations of > 0.5%.

Safety data sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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