Troposol BS 05 is a highly alkaline sterilisation and degreasing agent used to clean heavily contaminated iron, steel, iron castings, sheet metal and housings. Troposol BS 05 has a low solvent content and can reliably remove even the most stubborn grease-based contamination and encrustations within a temperature range of 20-90°C. Its exceptional grease-absorbing capacity also ensures long service lifetimes for the immersion baths used. Troposol BS 05 is mainly suitable for use in chemical plants.

Areas of application

Degreasing and cleaning agent with low solvent content.
Hot degreasing, combined sterilisation and degreasing.
Cleaning of machinery, engines and motors.


In immersion baths (60-90°C), the concentrate can be diluted with water in proportions of 1:1 to 1:100 depending on the degree of contamination and the application.
The product may also be diluted with cold water for manual cleaning, depending on the degree of contamination.

Safety data sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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