High standards in the metal processing and mechanical engineering industries require all components to be produced with the utmost precision. Degreasing and cleaning metal surfaces are routine daily activities in these sectors and the products used must meet demanding requirements. To complicate matters, the surfaces of the metals used all have differing properties and each material needs to be treated in the appropriate way. Gently, without removing metal, but also very efficiently. CIS Puretec will help you to meet these standards and offers high-tech products that comply with these special requirements.

For non-ferrous metal surfaces such as copper and brass, use Cuproten and Cuproten SA in combination with our highly effective Aktivator product. In next to no time, these metal pickling agents remove dirt and oxide layers from workpieces while preventing any unwanted removal of metal. Another benefit: our special protective formula prevents surfaces from tarnishing again.

Fertenol and Fertenol MZ/H are suitable for all iron and steel surfaces. These products remove rust, dirt, scale layers and metal dust from the surface. Another benefit: thanks to their special formula, these products prevent hydrogen embrittlement and metal fatigue.
We have developed Tenalumin 7 to clean aluminium surfaces. This pickling agent has a degreasing action that produces a powerful cleaning effect and also roughens the surface. This provides you with an ideal substrate for stove enamelling and other coatings.

To clean heavily contaminated components, use Tenalca and Tenalca SA. These products are high-performance cold degreasing agents that you can use for gentle cleaning of all metal surfaces. The benefits: our products produce their full effect even at room temperature and have high degreasing capacity.

If you prefer a solvent-free alternative to Tenalca, you can use Sinoten. This product removes stubborn grease contamination and can be used across a wide temperature range. The protective colloid integrated into this product makes it especially advisable for use on aluminium surfaces.


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