Fertenol MZ/H is intended for use as a high-grade pickling and derusting agent for metallic surfaces, including non-ferrous metals. When used for this purpose, Fertenol MZ/H reliably removes rust, mill scale, scale layers, metallic dusts (e.g. after polishing) and even stubborn dirt deposits. Fertenol MZ/H contains a mix of effective acid inhibitors that protect bare metal against attack. This product contains no phosphoric acid, so it can also be used for processes that would be disrupted by phosphates (such as nickel or chrome plating). Fertenol MZ/H is especially suitable for use in the watch industry and the electroplating sector. Thanks to its special formula, Fertenol MZ/H also provides reliable protection against hydrogen embrittlement, especially for hardened and elastic steels. It prevents cracking and subsequent material fatigue.

Fertenol MZ/H is available as a concentrate that is diluted for use, depending on the degree of contamination.

Areas of application

Primarily used in an immersion bath. In this case, use a 1:1 dilution with water.
Fertenol MZ/H can be used variably in the temperature range from room temperature to a maximum of 50°C.


Pickling metal surfaces (iron, steel).
Derusting metal surfaces (iron, steel).
Removal of oxide layers
Phosphate-free applications (nickel plating, chrome plating processes).

Safety data sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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